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rubber band illustration from story about thomas jefferson

This fine illustration is by Maria Kalman, and it’s from a little story about Thomas Jefferson that she did for the New York Times. She used to do a monthly column for them titled And the Pursuit of Happiness – all about our beloved country. Kalman does a great job of sharing a lot of information in a very fun way. My friend Lindsay introduced me to the column, and I’m a huge fan. Thanks, Lindsay!


vintage typewriter tins

Just some old typewriter tins for you. (Via Ffffound!)

photograph of an old movie marquee

By gmeadows1.



Love this lettering and logo work by Buero Ink.


From I Love Typography.

Beautiful Arabic calligraphy by Badawi Al Dirany found on the BibliOdyssey site. I wonder if I’d like it more or less if I could read it.

Update: Please read the correction in the comments.

I started back up at the nursery today after a few month hiatus (not much happens at nurseries from January through March in Minnesota). It was good to be back! It’s hard for me to be anything less than happy after spending an entire day outside, using my body.

On my other work front, check out the font that I helped design, Collateral Damage:

The artist Chris Hunt designed the uppercase letters, and I did the lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation to match, with help from and revisions by Chank Diesel, my boss. Chank described it as the perfect intern font. (It is his number one selling font right now, which is exciting.)

I had an interview for an internship on Tuesday. When I was about to leave the house to go there, I realized that P had accidentally taken the car keys that I needed. Noooo! I ended up calling a cab and being very late to the interview. It was very embarrassing, especially because the man interviewing seemed so awesome. I hate feeling incompetent; I left the interview wanting to cry.

That same night, I was driving home with one of my classmates, and we were talking about our most recent assignment – a presentation on a typographer. I asked her who she was studying, and she said, The coolest guy – this local man named Chank Diesel. The same guy I had blown the interview with that very day! It made it all the more depressing that she thought he was so cool.

But the next day, yesterday, he called and offered me the internship! As part of it, I will get to design a font. Here are some fonts I like:


My mom recently sent me a cartoon torn from the New Yorker. In it, two men were walking down the street, one complaining to the other, “There’s so much pressure to like monkeys.”

For my typography class, our first assignment was to create something using only one letter. I chose M:



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