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succulent bouquets

Wedding flowers by Flora Grubb Gardens.

Baby butts are tiny! You hardly ever get to see them because they’re usually covered by diapers, and, when you’re changing the diapers, the baby butts are facing downward. But whenever we get a good glimpse of this rarely seen baby part, P and I are amazed by its adorable tininess. We love our baby butt.


flora grubb bouquet

Another beautiful arrangement by Flora Grubb Gardens.

wedding bouquet

Bouquet by Susie of Flora Grubb Gardens.

succulent wall garden at flora grubb gardens

Succulent wall garden at Flora Grubb Gardens.

I just love this photo by akulis2.


Coriander from our yard.


My friend Willi Galloway and her beautiful garden appear in Sunset Magazine this month. Congratulations, Willi!


It’s easy for me to get overly focused on crossing things off my list. Each day can be like a little contest with myself – how much can I get done? These daily contests can be so consuming that anything non-list annoys me, and I lose connection with my inner self. I need to remind myself that sometimes it’s important to just be. My sister and I would call it “loafing” when one of us discovered the other one just sitting, staring at the wall. Loafing is important.

That’s a brussels sprout plant from our garden.

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“Shake It Off” – that’s the title of this photo by Evan Williams.

I like living a life with limits. I think it makes me more creative.

Omnia has a beautiful set of photos titled Leaf Lines. Check it out! Below is a sneak peek.


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