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Feist on Sesame Street!


My friend Joanna showed me this video. AOL accidentally released the private search terms of a bunch of its users, and the narrator of this video simply reads a series of words and phrases searched for by one woman. They tell quite a story.

We’re in our new house! We’d been sleeping on a pile of blankets until last night. We finally got our bed over here yesterday – nice to have that back.

We are back from our travels. It’s always nice to return home. This video has been around for a while, but it makes me smile. (And sometimes gets me a little teary.)

The 2009 Blog Challenge asks about the best album of the year. I just have best songs, not albums, and those up there are them. Enjoy! It’s interesting how the videos are so similar.

My sister is visiting, and last night she showed me this very cool music video. It was created by Brendan Cook for Gotye’s song Hearts a Mess. Oooooh – I just love it!

My sister recently started a new relationship that has been exciting and loving, but also a little confusing. For the time that she’s out her, the two of them have decided to communicate soley by sending each other daily haiku poems. I think that’s beautiful! Being allowed only so many and such precise words seems like it could be helpful in clairfying thoughts and feelings.

Photo by *MSM* coming soon.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie. It got me all teary eyed and excited. (Thanks to Patrick and Clint for passing this on!)

I’ve watched this first one many times, and it always makes me laugh out loud, and then I always feel bad for laughing.

These next two are elaborate art projects made with the help of feathery and furry friends.

Beautiful video by James Gulliver Hancock.


Succulents at my friend Claire‘s house.

If you watch just one of these vidoes, watch this one. It’s a music video that uses stop motion to make a whole day appear to happen on a single bed. Very dreamy. (Via Design*Sponge.)

The Beckoning of Lovely brings tears to my eyes. It documents the coming together of hundreds of strangers in a park for an evening of guided creation. We need more of this sort of thing! (Via Superhero.)

This one is funny – a fan doing a awesome dance during a sporting event. I suspect that he was planted there, but it’s more enjoyable to watch the video imagining that he’s just some normal sports fan. Patrick showed me this one.

This one isn’t really about anything, just a display of amazing graphics.

And of course we need a cute kid and kittens.


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