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hotwheels highway

Hot Wheels ad campaign. (Via Fubiz.)

And another fun advertising effort – The Escape Machine. (Also via Fubiz.)


This fun song is in Swiss-German, a spoken-only language. (Via swissmiss.)

well designed restaurant website

well designed restaurant website

well designed restaurant website

A while ago, Smashing Magazine did a roundup of well designed restaurant websites. These are my favorites – Benito’s Hat in London, Caravan in London, and Geogeske in El Paso.

Have you seen this video from the dining room of a tossing and turning cruise ship?!

screenshot of wilderness downtown website

Have you seen this yet? It’s a music video for an Arcade Fire song that seriously pushes the boundaries of the internet as an artistic medium. You may need the Google Chrome browser to view it. If you don’t have Chrome, use this as an excuse to download a great browser. Then enjoy the show.

Arcade Fire has been involved in some other inventive video creations. I like the Neon Bible one.

Enjoyable. That’s all I have to say about that. Actually, I have one more thing to say: it was made as part of one of my favorite radio shows, Radiolab. I enjoyed listening and not watching. By Everynone and via Booooooom.

Some awesome animal videos for you. Thanks to Joanna for the last one.

tree filled with yellow umbrellasSam Spenser‘s Umbrella Bloom. (Via Monoscope.)

If you can handle the commercials you have to watch, this animation is really great. It depicts time from a rock’s perspective, the idea of which is quite soothing to me.

diagram showing the unification of forks, knives, and spoonsFunny, yes?! (Via Dennis Demori.)

And here’s some amazing bike riding set to good music, just to round things out.

green succulent plantI’m mean, come on, who doesn’t love a succulent?

I believe I’ve shared another one of their projects here before, but here’s a project by Improv Everywhere, a group that orchestrates brilliant acts of public improvisation. Their motto is “we cause scenes.”

By James Gulliver Hancock.


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