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Field of Light installation by Bruce Munro. (Lots more photos on his website.) I wish I could go there! It’s in Cornwall, England, in case you’re in the area. Maybe I can go in my dreams. (Via Dezeen.)

I leave tomorrow for Reno and San Francisco, where I’ll be visiting lots of friends and fam…




Interventions by artist D.Billy. Wouldn’t it make life better for all of us if there were more artists like this?


Photo by polgaroid.

The weather here in Minneapolis was quite lovely today. After days of temperatures in the teens or lower, a 30 degree day feels great. Like spring!


Images from Harvey Regan’s Sticks series.


I took this photo at the Franconia Sculpture Park.

The Art Shanties are here! The Art Shanty Project project could be called a very mini Burning Man on ice. A bunch of small, themed huts get set up on a frozen lake, and everyone from the community is welcome to come out and wander through them, experiencing what each has to offer. Neat!


Smashing Magazine has some fun, free February desktop wallpaper available on its site. I chose the one above, designed by Tom Johnson. A change in the desktop scene is always invigorating, don’t you think?


Photo from a rock quarry in Door County, Wisconsin. A great day. We helped build a big stone wall.

Photo by Chris Lombardi. The rest of his photos are really worth checking out.


Striking image taken in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. By Chris Jordan.


I like the packaging for these votive candles by Skeem (via The Dieline).

Yesterday was our friend Gary’s birthday, and we went out to a new sake bar, moto-i, to celebrate. Moto-i claims to be the first sake brewery outside of Japan. Can that be true? Either way, the place was great. Check it out if you’re in the Twin Cities area. (Even if you’re not in the area, their cool website is worth a gander.)


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