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orpheus font

That font is called Orpheus. A couple other nice ones that I’ve noticed lately are Keystone State and Sancoale.


paul davis postcards

Postcards by Paul Davis – lots more good ones here! (Via swissmiss.)

time wasting 1

time wasting 2

Time Wasting Experiments by Alyson Provax.

don draper quotation

Justin VG‘s type treatment for this quotation is pretty amazing.

And some Japanese barcodes for you as well.

horst font

This font is called Horst. I wish I had more use for crazy fonts like this.

Zoey dog got very sick two nights ago. We had to take her to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. We had to leave her there for a day, all hooked up to IVs and a catheter. At the end of the day, she mustered some energy and tried to bite the vet. That’s the Zoey we know and love! The tough dog is pulling through.

mad libs rsvp

Wedding RSVP card. (Via Ffffound!) A couple of friends included Mad Lib thank you notes with their wedding gift to us, the notes written, but with critical words left as blanks. Awesome idea.

 beautiful five-letter ligature by Nathan Godding

Lovely five-letter ligature by Nathan Godding. (Via Ffffound!)

old beer cans

Via Ffffound!

museum for rescued letters

Berlin’s Museum of Letters offers a home to letters rescued from once glorious signs. (Via swissmiss.)

livory font sample

Livory font.

P got me a month-long pass to a yoga studio near our home, and I’ve decided to go every day for that month. I’m at a little over a week now. I’ve also adopted a ritual of drinking a cup of chamomile tea right before bed. I’ve been sleeping SO well.


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