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air plant centerpiece

Unique wedding “flowers” by Flora Grubb Gardens.

You may notice a glut of blog posts from the past few days… Patrick’s parents are in town, and Patrick’s dad is redoing our bathroom (with some help from P). Isn’t that nice? Since we temporarily have no toilet, P and I (along with P’s parents) are staying at my mom’s house. While working during the day, I regularly take breaks and do quick organizing/cleaning tasks around the house. But, since I’m away from home, I’ve been blogging on my breaks instead. So there you have it.


dining room with map

Ahhhh – nice, sunny dining room. Notice the lilacs on the table? Lilac flowers = spring. (Via the style files.)

Some friends of ours know someone who teaches CPR classes for the Red Cross. Last night, they had him and a bunch of other people (including P and me) over for a potluck dinner, and he taught us a quick course on infant CPR. It was a great venue for learning – in a cozy house with food and friends!

horst font

This font is called Horst. I wish I had more use for crazy fonts like this.

Zoey dog got very sick two nights ago. We had to take her to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. We had to leave her there for a day, all hooked up to IVs and a catheter. At the end of the day, she mustered some energy and tried to bite the vet. That’s the Zoey we know and love!¬†The tough dog is pulling through.

I’m feeling overwhelmed! Working too much, trying to buy a house, hanging with new friends… I’m taking a hiatus from the blog – maybe a week, maybe more. But I will be back!!!

Kisses, Andrea


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