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wood wall sculpture

Wall sculpture made from salvaged wood by Andy Vogt.


yogoslavia monument

yugoslavia monument

These photos are from a set called 25 abandoned Yugoslavia monuments that look like they’re from the future. The monuments were commissioned by the Yugoslavian president in the 60s and 70s to commemorate World War II sites. Apparently, when the country dissolved in the 1990s, the striking monuments were all abandoned and now sit untended and with their significance unexplained. (Via Ffffound!)

big black sculpture

Unfortunately, I have no information on this beast except that I’d like to see it in person. (Via Ffffound!)

I’m really tired, but it feels too early to let myself go to bed. I’m too tired to really do anything, though. Hence all the blog posts. I’m making myself stay up for at least 20 more minutes, so there may be more blogging unless I just stare at the wall.

wire bird

Wirework sculpture by Michaela Bruton.

woman with pillow on head sculpture by willy verginer

orange people in water sculpture by willy verginer

Wow. These sculptures by Willy Verginer amaze me – one of my favorite shares in a while. (Via Booooooom!)

little drifting boat

little drifting boat

little drifting boat

These are a few of the many submissions to Booooooom’s “Little Drifters” project. Fun!

alphabet carved from pencil lead

heart sculpture carved from pencil

Wow! These amazing sculptures are by carpenter Dalton J. Paul Getty. You can see more here. Thanks to my friend Becky for this one.

USA bookshelf

Amazing bookshelf appropriate for the 4th of July. By Ron Arad. (Via yatzer.)

Enjoy the holiday!

tree filled with yellow umbrellasSam Spenser‘s Umbrella Bloom. (Via Monoscope.)

If you can handle the commercials you have to watch, this animation is really great. It depicts time from a rock’s perspective, the idea of which is quite soothing to me.

turrell sky space in claremont Photo from James Turrell‘s Dividing the Light installation in Claremont, California.


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