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plant image made using gun powder

This image was made by Lynn Speaker, a Minnesota artist who uses gunpowder and plants to make her art.

Had a good night. Good night.


drawing titled saved by allen brewer

Drawing by Allan Brewer. We went to an opening of his last night. I really enjoyed it – lots of colored pencil drawings and words and white frames. It’s at the Chambers Hotel, in case you live in the area and want to check it.

power lines crossing a blue sky

Power lines above one of the dog parks here. We are lucky to live within a few miles of two huge dog parks. These are really great placess where the dogs can run wild, and you can walk for miles through interesting terrain. (Not tons of miles – but still miles.) They make me grateful to live in Minneapolis.

Shadow of a tree on the Walker Art Center building.

Tree shadow on the Walker Art Center.

Feeling all floppy after a session of Bikram yoga…

Ooooh – these are awesome, huh? They’re by Rune Guneriussen.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, check out the Art Shanties – today was their first day in action. I’m part of the Staycation Shanty team. Pay us a visit!


My goodness. Wouldn’t this be a cool thing to do to your bedroom? (Until you wake in the middle of the night, startled by the deformed creatures hovering around you.) Again, found on Ffffound!

I’m imagining that some of you out there are art-makers. I just so happen to be looking for art donations… I’ve been working with Ampersand Families here in Minneapolis. They work to find homes for older foster children. There’s an event coming up, Cache at the Casket, for which Ampersand is the beneficiary. The event will include a silent art auction, and we’re seeking art donations. Please shoot me an email – andrea (at) somethingsiknow (dot) com – if you might be interested in donating a piece of artwork. Thank you!


I believe that this is an album cover, and I quite like it. You can find out more about it right here.

I was at the bank yesterday when a man with a bandana over his face walked briskly in the door. I knew right away what was going to happen. He pulled out a gun (or what looked like a gun), and started yelling at the teller to give him money. The bank was pretty empty at the time, and I was the only person standing out in the open, at one of the podiums where I had been filling out my deposit slip. I was really close to this man, and I wanted to get far away as fast as possible, while drawing absolutely no attention to myself. I walked slowly backward until I could duck behind a little wall. The whole time, the man kept yelling at the teller to give him more money, more 100s. And then he ran out. Bank employees rushed to lock the doors behind him. It was such a relief to hear those locks click! Then people started crying.

What’s really sticking with me is the yelling. The man was extremely on edge – scared, desperate, tweaked out – and you could hear it in his voice. I think it would have been awful if someone had jumped up in an attempt to be some sort of hero.

P and I have been working hard to complete the packaging for jazz musician Adam Linz’s limited release CDs. It’s been one of the best projects that we’ve had the pleasure of working on. And the CDs are making their big debut tonight! They’ll be available at Adam’s show at the McPhail Center here in Minneapolis. See you there?


Photo by francolivorno.

Pass on the rest of this post if you don’t want to get bummed out.

It’s been a tender evening. This afternoon, Patrick saw a man jump off an overpass and get struck by a car. The man died. The whole thing is overwhelming and nauseating and just plain bad. We’ve been eating muffins and walking dogs. I admire how Patrick handles upsetting situations.


I’m sorry, but I don’t know who deserves credit for this photo. Is it a photo? I found it on Ffffound!

Patrick has some art in a show that just opened at Concordia College. Go team!


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