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orpheus font

That font is called Orpheus. A couple other nice ones that I’ve noticed lately are Keystone State and Sancoale.


kid bike caddie

Kid carrier to attach to your bike by Leggero. (Via swissmiss.)

hotwheels highway

Hot Wheels ad campaign. (Via Fubiz.)

And another fun advertising effort – The Escape Machine. (Also via Fubiz.)

egg bot

Are you really serious about your Easter egg coloring? Then you might just need Egg-Bot. (Via swissmiss.)

wedding bouquet

Bouquet by Susie of Flora Grubb Gardens.


Spout TPot by Paige Russell. (Via Ffffound!)

upcycled wool dinssaur

Stuffed dinosaur made from an old sweater. By NobleUpcycling and via Inhabitots.

cloth gift wrap

Fabric gift wraps by chewingthecud. (Via Oh Joy!)

animal print onesies by salvor

Onesies by Salvor. (Via Inhabitots.)

baby leggings by thief & bandit

Baby leggings by Thief & Bandit. (Via Inhabitots.)

When P’s parents were here recently, they brought with them a workbook of P’s from second grade. It was fun to read. One section asked students to list the nicest, most athletic, cutest, etc. kids in the class. (I sincerely hope that kids today are not asked to do such ranking exercises.) For smartest, you could see that P had initially put his own name in the blank. But his name was crossed out with the teacher’s pen! And P had dutifully written in some other kid’s name next to it. HAAAAAAA!


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