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succulent bouquets

Wedding flowers by Flora Grubb Gardens.

Baby butts are tiny! You hardly ever get to see them because they’re usually covered by diapers, and, when you’re changing the diapers, the baby butts are facing downward. But whenever we get a good glimpse of this rarely seen baby part, P and I are amazed by its adorable tininess. We love our baby butt.



Dress by rennes.

Ollie Oak will be four weeks old tomorrow. Two of the best things in my life right now are taking naps and baths with him.

mosquito app

An iPhone app, AntiMosquito Fumigator, that supposedly keeps mosquitoes away. (Via swissmiss.)


Silverware by Yuki Sakano. (Via Lovenordic.)

The past couple of days have been the worst. All I’ve been doing is waiting. Last week, I had a second interview for an exciting job, and I was supposed to hear back on Thursday. I allowed myself to get overly optimistic about it, and, for the past two days, just sat around waiting for what I assumed would  be a job offer. But no call. Yesterday at 5:00 I decided that I didn’t get the job and had a good cry. I’m feeling a lot better now – disappointed, but glad to be done waiting.

And then there’s the baby waiting. A week ago, I stopped working because I felt like I needed time/space/energy to get some final baby prep done. And I think that was genuinely important. But now that baby prep is done, and I’m just sitting around waiting. I can barely stand it. I wish I could go back to work. I’ve reached the point where it’s hard to communicate with the outside world because I’m tired of telling people that there’s no new news. I’m still pregnant, everyone.

What is good is that we’re about to head up to a cabin to spend the day and night with some friends! It will feel great to actually do something. (But of course I’m fantasizing about what it would be like to go into labor there.)

attachable wheels

Treasure Wheels let you grab scavenged, sidewalk items and roll ’em home easily. Good idea! (Via swissmiss.)

P and I set up a bunch of the baby stuff the other day. The cradle is up in our bedroom. The crib is in the “baby room.” The dresser/changing table is full of baby clothes. It felt good to get these things together: it seemed to open up space in our lives for the peppadew.


Specks & Keepings dress.

nogg hen house

In honor of Easter, here’s a modern hen house for you – The Nogg by Matthew Hayward. (Via Design*Sponge.) P and I have talked about having chickens for a long time. Maybe someday…

An exciting part of having kids in the future is thinking about the traditions we want to create. (Not that you need kids to have traditions.) Traditions can be part of daily life, but holidays are when I think about them the most. Will we celebrate Easter with our kids? (I think so.) What will its significance be? Will we dye eggs? Have an egg hunt? Eat certain foods? When I was growing up, we’d always put an egg by the front door the night before Easter. In the morning, it would be cracked, indicating to my sis and me that the Easter Bunny had definitely been there, cracking the egg when he had opened the door.

Hive vases by west elm.


RVee pencil/flower/anything holder by Paige Russell. (The Spout TPot was designed by her as well.)

flora grubb bouquet

Another beautiful arrangement by Flora Grubb Gardens.


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