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paul davis postcards

Postcards by Paul Davis – lots more good ones here! (Via swissmiss.)


time wasting 1

time wasting 2

Time Wasting Experiments by Alyson Provax.

last sandwich

Have you heard of Six Word Story Every Day? Check it out! And make your own! I’m working on one with my friend Claire.

This is a bit more than sandwiches, but here we go… An intense fear of mine (and of most expectant parents, I’m sure) has been of having a severely disabled child. Honestly, I thought that it was something that I would simply be incapable of handling – the responsibilities, the sadness, the pity. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to love such a child enough. When my mind visited these thoughts, it was almost unbearable. So I avoided them. Just the other day, though, something inside me asserted itself – yes, I could handle it. Together, P and I would be loving parents for any child. And it would be fine. I would even be wonderful! Relief.

diamond art

By Ron van der Ende. (Via FFFFOUND!)

claire becker book

I’m a little late mentioning this, but my friend Claire Becker has a new(ish) book of poetry out. You need it.

cut paper art by simone lourenco

Happy V Day! Here’s some cut paper art by Simone Lourenco for you. (Via Booooooom!)

Also, check out the soothing and fun Raindrop Melody Maker. (Via swissmiss.)

little drifting boat

little drifting boat

little drifting boat

These are a few of the many submissions to Booooooom’s “Little Drifters” project. Fun!

chair images made out of tape

Made from tape! By Mark Khaismn and via Design*Sponge.

art made from old book coversArtwork made from old book covers by Janet Jones. (Via Monoscope.)

vintange photo of women on an airplane From suberbomba’s collection of found photos.

And here are some cool small people scenes.


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