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Via the style files.

Considering a return to the blog…


fire circle

Via Superhero.

outside seating 1


outside seating 2

Outdoor spaces via the style files.

Sometimes, P and I will be sitting together, staring at Oliver, and P will look at me and say, We done good. I like when he says this. And I agree.

yellow room

Yellow room. (Via the style files.)

From the home of Sally and Mark Bailey. (Via the style files.)

dining room design

Neat chandelier. (Via the style files.)

white house

I saw this house on the style files.

Feeling a little deflated today. My new diet is harder for me than I thought it would be, and it’s making me simultaneously resent and think about food constantly. A good thing is that I remembered to say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit first thing this morning. My uncle always said that remembering to say that before anything else on the first day of the month would make it a lucky month. So let’s go, April!

vertical garden by flora grubb gardens

Vertical garden by Flora Grubb Gardens.

white interior design

white interior design

Very white interior design by Gardener & Marks. (Via the style files.)

dining room with map

Ahhhh – nice, sunny dining room. Notice the lilacs on the table? Lilac flowers = spring. (Via the style files.)

Some friends of ours know someone who teaches CPR classes for the Red Cross. Last night, they had him and a bunch of other people (including P and me) over for a potluck dinner, and he taught us a quick course on infant CPR. It was a great venue for learning – in a cozy house with food and friends!


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