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fish fabric

Fish fabric available at huset. (Via Design*Sponge.)


last sandwich

Have you heard of Six Word Story Every Day? Check it out! And make your own! I’m working on one with my friend Claire.

This is a bit more than sandwiches, but here we go… An intense fear of mine (and of most expectant parents, I’m sure) has been of having a severely disabled child. Honestly, I thought that it was something that I would simply be incapable of handling – the responsibilities, the sadness, the pity. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to love such a child enough. When my mind visited these thoughts, it was almost unbearable. So I avoided them. Just the other day, though, something inside me asserted itself – yes, I could handle it. Together, P and I would be loving parents for any child. And it would be fine. I would even be wonderful! Relief.

cloth gift wrap

Fabric gift wraps by chewingthecud. (Via Oh Joy!)

pino identity

Fun identity system for Pino. (Via FFFFOUND!)

blik wall decals website

cellarthief website

loja birds website

Smashing Wall recently compiled a list of e-commerce websites with good design. The above were my favorites on their list – Blik Wall Decals, CellarThief, and Loja Birds.

album poster

I think this was actually a poster or a flier, not an album cover. Unfortunately, I’m not sure who designed it. (Via Ffffound!)

I recently made the switch from yoga to swimming. My body was feeling cumbersome in yoga class, and, at least at this point, the prenatal yoga classes I attended just felt too easy. Swimming feels heavenly! I don’t feel cumbersome at all, and I can get a decent workout. And I feel amazingly calm (and hungry!) afterwards.

book spine design

Book spine designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

ashes and milk

Ashes & Milk might be the most beautiful website I’ve ever seen. You can get lovely gifts there.

andrew bird poster

Poster design by Noa Emberson. (You can see lots more like it if you follow the link.)

P and I were out for a walk with Stella the dog a couple of days ago, and I asked P if he ever worried that the upcoming baby would make us miserable. He looked at me with surprise and said, Honestly, that thought had never even crossed my mind. I love the way he thinks. And I can’t believe that I hadn’t asked him that before. (We’ve had other baby doubt conversations – money, time, our parenting abilities. But not plain old misery.)

graphic design by kelli anderson

Identity system for Dig for Fire by Kelli Anderson (she has a fun website). Via Ffffound!


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