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animal print onesies by salvor

Onesies by Salvor. (Via Inhabitots.)


baby leggings by thief & bandit

Baby leggings by Thief & Bandit. (Via Inhabitots.)

When P’s parents were here recently, they brought with them a workbook of P’s from second grade. It was fun to read. One section asked students to list the nicest, most athletic, cutest, etc. kids in the class. (I sincerely hope that kids today are not asked to do such ranking exercises.) For smartest, you could see that P had initially put his own name in the blank. But his name was crossed out with the teacher’s pen! And P had dutifully written in some other kid’s name next to it. HAAAAAAA!

fancy baby dress

Baby dress by broodbaby and via Inhabitots. Affordable? No! Practical? No! Adorable? Yes!

bike dress guard

Bike dress guard by Simeli. (Via Design*Sponge.)

P’s parents left town today. Sad to see them go. We’re trying to convince them to buy a house or condo and live here for at least part of the year. That would be amazing. Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis!!!

kitchen utensil tea towel

Tea towel by Thea and Sami.

ashes and milk

Ashes & Milk might be the most beautiful website I’ve ever seen. You can get lovely gifts there.

claire becker book

I’m a little late mentioning this, but my friend Claire Becker has a new(ish) book of poetry out. You need it.

white and gold cup

This little cup is available via Gretel, a beautiful online shop full of sweet and wonderful things.

polaroid coasters

Polaroid coasters by justnoey. (Via the style files.)

decorative bike chain guard

Bike chain guard by poka. (Via Design*Sponge.)


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