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My friends designed this table, which was featured on Design Milk a while ago. Nice work, Pat and Kfir!


kid bed

Vintage kid bed via the style files.


Chair designed by Sara Rowghani. (Via Design*Sponge.)

I saw a couple of people this weekend that I think of as seeing regularly, but when we said our goodbyes they both said that the next time they saw me I’d probably have a little baby with me. It’s that soon!

pendant lamp from merchant no. 4

Gorgeous. Lamps from Merchant no. 4.

rainbow headboard

Rainbow headboard. Sadly, I’m not sure who created it. (Via swissmiss.)

P’s parents and my mom threw us a baby shower last weekend. I was dreading it – having a party where you ask guests to bring you presents is uncomfortable. But I think it turned out to be fun, not just for us, but for our guests as well. And we got some lovely and needed items. It’s strange to suddenly need so much stuff. P and I normally buy very few things. Suddenly, we have huge lists of things that we want/need. It’s a litte overwhelming, but I must admit that I’m enjoying finding and accumulating some awesome stuff for this little grub.

house crib

And look at this one by Dave Keune! This little house includes a crib, changing station, and dresser. A drawback is that neither of the long ends can be against a wall, so it’s a bit harder to fit into small spaces like ours. But isn’t it cute?! Like the previous crib, this one is via Inhabitots. I think P found both. Ok, no more baby stuff today.

modern crib

Crib/toddler bed by ubahub. It might just be too modern for my taste, but it certainly is beautiful. And it’s made from environmentally-friendly ingredients. (Via Inhabitots.)

kid pallet bed

Kid’s bed made from old pallets. I think P found this one – good find, P.

nook coffee table

Nook coffee table designed by student Dave Pickett. (Via Design*Sponge.)

striped dresser

Fun striped dresser by A2. (Via swiss miss.)

Right after posting that picture of Stella’s leg, I got sicker than I’ve been in a long time. It was awful. Our midwife almost had me go to the hospital to get an IV because I wasn’t keeping any fluids down. Feeling better now, but I have a lot of energy and work to catch up on.


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