Silverware by Yuki Sakano. (Via Lovenordic.)

The past couple of days have been the worst. All I’ve been doing is waiting. Last week, I had a second interview for an exciting job, and I was supposed to hear back on Thursday. I allowed myself to get overly optimistic about it, and, for the past two days, just sat around waiting for what I assumed would  be a job offer. But no call. Yesterday at 5:00 I decided that I didn’t get the job and had a good cry. I’m feeling a lot better now – disappointed, but glad to be done waiting.

And then there’s the baby waiting. A week ago, I stopped working because I felt like I needed time/space/energy to get some final baby prep done. And I think that was genuinely important. But now that baby prep is done, and I’m just sitting around waiting. I can barely stand it. I wish I could go back to work. I’ve reached the point where it’s hard to communicate with the outside world because I’m tired of telling people that there’s no new news. I’m still pregnant, everyone.

What is good is that we’re about to head up to a cabin to spend the day and night with some friends! It will feel great to actually do something. (But of course I’m fantasizing about what it would be like to go into labor there.)