The oxalis plant that lives right here on my desk.

I realized this morning that my credit card bill was due today and that I had yet to pay, so I called to make a payment over the phone. The woman I was speaking with asked me if I was having any problems with my payment due date. Instead of simply saying no and that I had just lost track of time this month, I blurted out a big lie: I told her that I had just had a baby. She congratulated me and asked a bunch of questions about how it was going. And the lie just got bigger and bigger. (If a woman from Bank of America ever asks you, tell her that our child is named Cecilia.) As this conversation unfolded, I sat appalled as my mouth went on and on. I was reminded of how I used to lie a lot – all the way through childhood up into some point in college. I’m really glad it’s something I conquered. Relationships with yourself and others tend to reach dead ends if you’re not honest.