glasses and vase of parsley

Photo by Roland Bello.

I didn’t quite keep up with my December of wild blogging, did I? I’m going to keep hacking at the Reverb prompts through this month.

For now, though, I just want to check in… Today we got back from a little more than three weeks on the road, exploring state parks with our dogs and camper and hanging with friends and family in Florida. During this trip, my belly suddenly popped out. Pop! One day, I took off a sweatshirt as we were driving down the road, and P and I looked at the suddenly large belly and both started hollering excitedly. I’m happy to report that I’m finally enjoying pregnancy.

P and I have both started having strange baby dreams. Here’s what the scenario would look like if all our dreams were to come true: The baby would be extremely hairy, and we would name her Linden Hill. Whenever people asked me her name, though, I would find myself in a moment of shy paralysis and be unable to remember it. So I would tell them that she was named Sophia. P and I would totally forget about her the first day after she was born. On the second day, we’d remember her in a moment of panic, and then I would sit and breastfeed her. Right as I was thinking that I enjoyed breastfeeding, the baby would look up and ask me, If I bit into that pillow there, would it feel like biting into someone’s arm?