yellow flower in front of large boulder

Flower in Peru.

Happy Mother’s Day! I have an amazing mother (and mother-in-law too!). Thank you both for being the people that you are and for helping Patrick and me become the people that we are.

Here’s something written by Jena Strong that I found on Andrea Scher’s blog:

Whether or not a baby has ever miraculously come out of your body, you are a mother. You have helped mother me, or your sister, or your girlfriend, or your cousin, or your neighbor, or a stranger. You have wiped a tear or a bottom. You have given counsel. You have talked someone you love off a ledge. You have nurtured and natured and gently nudged her to keep going when she was sure she couldn’t. You have read a storybook, shoveled a walk, waved across the parking lot, not even realizing you were saving someone’s life.