That’s Patrick drinking some coffee up there.

P and I have been slowly chugging away at thank you notes for our wedding gifts. I’m the one that makes thank you notes happen in our relationship. I address the and stamp the envelopes, write my part of the notes, and then give them to P so that he can write something and stick them in the mail. At work a couple of days ago, a coworker thanked me for the note and asked me about the stuff at the bottom. The coworker and his family had given us a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant, Birchwood. I my note, I had thanked them for coming to the wedding, told them about how good our meal at Birchwood was, and even commented on the tie their son had worn to the wedding. Underneath my note, P had simply scrawled, Birchwood! Birchwood! Birchwood! He didn’t even sign his name. It made me laugh.