These photos are by David Maisel. Pictured are canisters containing ashes of people who were once prisoners in an insane asylum. The ashes were unclaimed and have sat on shelves for years. I read about these photos on the shape + colour blog, and what Jeremy Elder wrote there about the project was very beautiful and profound.

I feel that this post should maybe end now, as it’s hard to follow those striking photos and all the thoughts they evoke. But, in the spirit of the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge, I’m going to keep writing. About my best blog find of 2009.

This is an easy one for me: saipua. It’s the blog of a floral designer, Sarah. I love looking at all her beautiful creations. In another life, or maybe later in this life, I might be a floral designer. (And also maybe a dancer, a physicist, and a mail delivery person.) In addition to being a talented designer, Sarah is also hilarious. If I had to be someone else, it might be her. (But that’s probably because I don’t know her.)