Yay, yay, yay! Artist Yeondoo Jung replicates scenes from kids’ drawings. Thanks to my friend Esther for showing me these.

Gwen Bell started the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge for the month of December, and I’m going to try my best to take part. Yesterday’s prompt was the best restaurant experience of 2009. Bests are tough because you always forget something, but what first comes to mind is a meal at Namaste in May.

My sister was out for a visit, and it was her last night in town, so we (my sis, my mom, P, and I) went out for one last dinner. My mom had made an offer on a house that day. It was a fantastic meal, but what made it so memorable was all the laughing. We laughed so much! And Denise and I got silly in a way that reminded me of our childhood. I have wonderful memories of the strange, creative, wild, and wonderful ways that we would spend our time as kids. At one point during this supposedly grown up meal, Denise grabbed my face and tried to squeeze the food out of my mouth. Instead, she made my lip bleed. In the moment, it was the most hilarious thing. Hilarious in a crazy kid way. It’s nice to end visits on a high note.