Work of Magdalena Bors.

I’m in bed sick today, which is a bummer. Yesterday, we went and looked again at the place where we’re going to have our wedding and reception. I’m so excited! I’ve been surprised at how uninterested I’ve been in planning it, though. I just want it to happen! My friend Crystal gave me some wedding books when I saw her in Reno a couple of weeks ago. When I was visiting some other friends a couple of days later, one of the books fell out of my bag. My reaction was the same as how I imagine it might be if a porno magazine fell out of my bag. I put it away as quickly as possible. I should say that I am excited about two aspects of planning: tasting cake and figuring out what P and I are going to wear. Patrick and I have fun getting dressed up together. He found this site that has some dresses that I really like. Any other suggestions for where we should look?