Peppers from our summer garden.

There’s a small chain of restaurants in the San Francisco area called Cafe Gratitude. When the server comes to your table, you are asked the question of the day, which you can answer on the spot, discuss while eating, or simply think about. Questions like, “What can people count on you for?”. I like that. And the meals have names like “I am dazzling,” so you have to say that when you order. I read about this spot on the Superhero blog.

I was a teaching assistant a while ago, and, instead of having my students pass a sheet around and sign their names, I did attendance out loud. And I did it with questions. So there’d be a daily question, like whether people had pets growing up, mood on a scale of 1 to 5, favorite music. Sometimes the students made up the questions, and I would always answer them too. I know that not everyone liked this routine, but I was the only TA for the class that knew all my students’ names (and their favorite colors).

An interesting essay by Paul Lockhart on education. Maybe we should teach math more like how we teach music.