Yes, Friend Friday is back. In response to the last post, my sister’s friend Amy wrote this on behalf of my sister:

My genetic DNA is made up of boxes containing check marks rather than the standard double helix. Checking off lists is the McKay way. Listmaking is our dominant gene. Each check mark represents an experience of my humanity encoded within me, my list of life, if you will.

Today i earned a big check mark. I voted for Barak Obama. At the poll they gave me a sticker with a checked off box already on it. As if my country was giving me a big high five on my superior genetics. Validation in its finest form…Patriotic stickers. This checked box i wear today represents my civic duty. it represents ME.

Today my list is complete.

Awesome, Amy. If you’re interested in being a guest writer here, I’d love to have you (even if I don’t know you). Let me know if you’re interested.

I’m very excited about the election results. I don’t know if you voted for Obama, but hopefully we can all be inspired by his message of hope.