Being reminded that we’re all in this together can easily bring me to tears (loving, appreciative tears). For example, when there’s a big snowstorm, and everyone on the roads is driving slowly and being extra curteous, I get teary-eyed. When I go to vote, I tear up. Even watching major sporting events can make me emotional.

Here are some projects that remind me of our shared humanity:

1000 JournalsOne thousand journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. Those who find them will add their stories and drawings, and then pass the journal along in an ongoing collaborative art form. This is an experiment, and you are part of it.

I’m Too Sad To Tell You – This is a site where people post pictures of themselves crying (a brave act, considering how many of us look when we cry).

The Mirror Project The Mirror Project is a growing community of like-minded individuals who have photographed themselves in all manner of reflective surfaces.

PostSecret – I’ve written about PostSecret before. It’s a place to send your secrets! Here’s a recent one (a less intense secret than most):


I do that too!