I’m an introverted person. Apparently, many introverts grow up thinking that there’s something wrong with them. This is because less than 30% of the population are introverts – most introverts grow up with extroverted parents and siblings in an extroverted society. (I learned this from an enlightening book with a horrific title, The Introvert Advantage.) Maybe I’m lucky because I grew up in a pretty introverted family.

Related to my introversion, I’m usually happy when people cancel plans with me, particularly at the last minute. It’s like, Phew, I don’t have to go to that party. I can sit at home instead. Maybe because my parents are both introverts, I grew up thinking that this was a normal way to feel. It took me a long time to realize that other people generally don’t like when you cancel plans at the last minute. I still have to remind myself of this.