Yesterday’s discussion reminded me of the avocado tree we grew… When my sister and I were young, our dad would often save the seeds from avocados. He’d poke three toothpicks into them and position them at the top of a glass of water, half in the water and half out. One tree really went for it – it was still kicking ten years later when I went off to college in Southern California. By my last year in college, it was getting too big for my dad’s house, so my dad decided to smuggle it into California. He rented a huge van and left Reno at 4:00 in the morning so that he’d cross the state border before the agricultural check stations opened. Fortunately for the tree, the criminal’s plan worked. We planted it at my school’s organic farm. I hope it’s still there! Every time my college calls asking for money (which happens a lot), I want to tell that I gave them avocados. What more could they want?

Photo by Joseph Robertson.