Here’s a story for you… This actually happened in early September. P and I were driving home around nine on a Tuesday night when we came over a hill to see an accident that had just happened. A couple of people were rushing to one of the two cars involved. We pulled over; I called 911; and P went to help the people pull a man from his car. The man was really big, and he was bleeding heavily from his head. The driver of the other car had ran away. We helped the big bleeding man to the side of the road and got him a towel for his head. He was confused and mumbling, pacing around anxiously. Suddenly, he exclaimed, there was a child in the car! P and two other people ran back to the cars, leaving a woman and I alone with the big bleeding man who immediately turned and ran the other way. At first, we didn’t understand what was happening. Sir, you should probably sit and wait for the ambulance, I said. And then I found myself chasing this man with the woman. The woman was yelling to me, girl, you gotta watch my back!, and yelling to the man, this is a citizen’s arrest! I was wondering, why am I chasing a big bleeding man down a dark alley? I could have ran much faster, but I didn’t actually want to catch up with him. In the meantime, the ambulance and police arrived at the scene, and P and the other people there were trying to explain that nobody involved in the accident was there anymore, that everyone had ran away, the big bleeding man down the alley. In the alley, the man tried to climb over a small wall and fell on the ground. The woman stood over him, declaring yet again that this was a citizen’s arrest. The police pulled back there and loaded him up. And then we went home. I found this incident scary not only because I foolishly chased a big bleeding man down an alley, but also because it illustrates the condition of drivers out on the road.