Vietnam fam

I’ve been feeling old lately. I just signed up for Facebook, and a friend I hadn’t seen since high school found me on there. I went to his page and looked at his picture. He looked old (like a grown up!) and had a “real” job, a wife, a child… The fact is that he probably looked at my profile picture and thought, Geez, she looks old. I guess that’s how time works. There are lines on my face that weren’t there before. Sometimes I try to smooth them out by contorting my face, and sometimes a over-apply lotion to them. But they are here to stay, and more are on their way, so I better learn to like them. I asked P how he felt about aging: I’m excited to be old! That’s the wonderful Patrick attitude for you.

Here’s a funny story about my dad: He got home from work one day and was sorting through his mail. He came across a flier with pictures of of people on it. Who are all these old people?, he wondered. And then he opened the flier to read that his high school reunion was coming up.