We went to an awesome Halloween party last weekend. One of our friends lives in an old church. Her landlords are avid collectors of, well, stuff – signs, large stuffed animals, mannequins, odd furniture – and part of our friend’s rental agreement is that her landlords are allowed to keep all of it in the church. So imagine an old church filled with random objects – every wall covered and things hanging from the ceiling. And then imagine a bunch of dancing, costumed people there. Cool, huh? P and I dressed as complimentary colors:


Most of the partygoers were artists, and, surprisingly, most didn’t seem to get our costume, even after we told them what we were. Just so you know, complimentary colors are the ones that are across from each other on the color wheel. When near each other, they are supposed to appear more vividly than they would by themselves.

My favorite costume was when I dressed as the season fall. My friends Joanna, Claire, and Cynthia were winter, spring, and summer. What is your favorite costume? What are you dressing up as this year?