He’s ok. I wanted to tell you that before telling you this: Patrick was hit by a car last night! Here’s the story: We were leaving a nice restaurant where we had had several cheesy appetizers for dinner. We came upon this almost empty intersection:


We didn’t have the pedestrian-ok-to-cross light, but neither of the cars were moving, so we assumed the green light belonged to one of the empty lanes of traffic. We started crossing the street. A few steps into the intersection, we see the left turn arrow change to green for the minivan, so we quicken our pace. Then we see that the minivan has floored it off the line, so we start running. I got to the median (right next to the white car) a couple of steps before Patrick. When Patrick was literally two steps from the median, the van clipped his leg, making a loud thud and sending Patrick stumbling. Before we even realized what had happened, the van was gone, no brake lights whatsoever. The windows came down on the white car. “Oh my God! Are you ok?” Patrick said that he thought so. Today, Patrick has a big scrape on his leg, but he is ok. In the moment, it had felt (terrifyingly) like the minivan was trying to hit us. In retrospect, I think that maybe they just didn’t see us. I hope they just didn’t see us.

In other news, TODAY IS MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, dad.


When I told my dad about my decision to take a break from school, his response went something like this, “That reminds me of a character in a book I’m reading. In his 20s, this guy was about to finish medical school but realized he didn’t want to be a doctor. So he went on an arctic scientific exploration. Realizing that’s not what he wanted to do, he traveled more and learned three languages. The whole time he was frustrated at not knowing what he wanted to do, but he was having an incredible journey. I’ll take the liberty of buying you the book.” That’s my dad for you. I’m so lucky.