Today is my sister’s birthday! She is smart, witty, and beautiful. When we were young, she got a large wart on her foot. We named it Marty Stouffer, as in the guy who hosted Wild America, the nature show on PBS. Denise now works with homeless people in DC, and, the other day, one of her clients asked her if she could help him find Marty Stouffer. “Here, let me hold on to your shoulder while I take off my shoe,” she said.

While I was writing this post, my computer started making sounds just like a cricket. I was worried. Patrick got worried too. I had googled “Marty Wild America” in another window while writing because I didn’t know how to spell “Stouffer.” I was taken to the Wild America site (where you can hear Marty’s voice AND the TV show’s theme song!). Well, we (Patrick) finally figured out that if you sit on the site for too long without doing anything, crickets start chirping…