I’m inclined to write about the delicious baked bananas I made last night, but I need to make myself write about a more significant matter… I’m leaving my Master of Landscape Architecture program. I’d known for a while that I didn’t want to be a landscape architect, but I do like plants, and I do like design, so I thought I’d stick around. I was really excited to return to school after the summer, but, during the first week of classes, when professors asked us to go around and talk about why we were there, I realized that I just didn’t have an answer to that question. I don’t want to be a landscape architect, and that’s what the program is all about. I don’t want to be a landscape architect because I don’t like all the logistics (site grading, construction documents, zoning, contractors…) that goes along with it. Also, I don’t think I could ever be comfortable making art that requires bulldozers. This isn’t to say that landscape architecture is bad – it’s awesome, and I’ll always be interested in it. It’s just not for me in terms of a career. Yesterday was my first day not going to classes when everyone else was, and I sat at home and cried a lot. My life feels vast and empty right now, which is both amazing and terrible. I signed myself up for a graphic design (typography) class. It’s good to have that on the horizon – otherwise, my only plans in life would be going to see the band Arcade Fire at the end of the month and my college five year reunion next May.