A couple of you emailed me to say that you rainbow-itized your bookshelves. This makes me so happy! Thanks for telling me. While we’re on the subject of rainbow bookshelves and red butts, here’s a fun coloring activity. Just go to the site and move your cursor around; click to change color. I heart the little heart that blinks on the side.

There’s this artist named David Nash that I really like. He was Andy Goldsworthy’s teacher. Nash works with wood and has rarely voyaged into the realm of color – he says that he’s not interested in creating things that are merely colored on the outside. He wants to create things that ARE a color. His first big color work, and one of his only color works, Blue Ring, involved arranging bluebell flowers in a circle on a hillside.

I like to think of people thoroughly possessing traits – someone who is genuine all the way through. It gets even more exciting to think of a person who is thoroughly a color. It might be fun to spend one day trying to be as blue as possible. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve wearing blue clothing or painting yourself.

Here’s a photo I took of one of David Nash’s sculptures, Standing Frame, which lives at the Walker Art Center here in Minneapolis:

Standing Frame